„When I don’t know what something is for, I won’t have any ideas“. This illustrates that good design needs a meaningful concept. In cooperation with the client, everything starts here by developing conceptual ideas to define a distinct direction for the design process.


What kind of technological possibilities do we have, what kind of target group do we want to reach, what kind of products are already available on the market? These are the kinds of question we need to figure out first in order to check for design-direction.


Drawing and mapping out on paper is the most important tool for a successful design process. With the help of a good sketch, strengths and weaknesses can be already evaluated at a very early stage. Furthermore, having an accurate sketch as an underlay accelerates the CAD modeling process significantly. At the end of this project phase, the customer can decide between several design concepts.



During the design process, as well as during the development of a distinct design concept, three-dimensional computer prototypes are created in order to verify a technical practicability in cooperation with the producers.



Based on previously created three-dimensional CAD models, photorealistic renderings and animations are generated. They give a good impression of what the final design and materials will look like.



Squaring supports you in three-D printing, prototypes or architectural models and coordinates for you all processes. We will help you to get the maximum out of your idea.


During the transition from the final design concept to production, Squaring Design also gives advisory support when it comes to finding producers and ways to produce small batches of your product.


To create a product within a holistic design process means also to include and create the customer’s corporate identity. By doing so, the user’s attention will not only be drawn to the product, but he will also remember the brand behind it.

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